Procedural generation is an interesting topic to me, as it forgoes traditional level design in favor of a bunch of formulas, rules, and random elements to make varied replayable gameplay.

One of my favorite procgen games is Dwarf Fortress, and how it creates a fully realized world with lore and history, and then places both fortress and adventures as relatively small stories in said world.

Also Deep rock galactic is great in varying its caves, from normal tunnels to massive caverns that you can only traverse using ziplines and platforms

Any other interesting procgen games?

  • @brsrklf
    58 months ago

    It really is. I like no man’s sky, but most of it starts looking very familiar fast.

    Only exception, I still get good surprises with random creatures. Sure, they’re all based on the same few structures, but once in awhile I get some perfect combination of funny, dorky and/or cool that I just can’t refuse as my new pet.