Rules and Guidelines


  1. Be respectful and considerate towards others.
  2. Use appropriate language and refrain from offensive or discriminatory remarks.
  3. Do not engage in personal attacks or harassment.
  4. Maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


  1. Stay on-topic and relevant to the conversation.
  2. Avoid spamming or excessive self-promotion.
  3. Do not share any sensitive personal information.
  4. Respect intellectual property rights and do not post copyrighted material without permission.
  5. Keep NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content to a minimum and appropriately tag it as “NSFW”.


  1. Do not engage in disruptive or harmful activities.
  2. Refrain from trolling, flaming, or instigating conflicts.
  3. Do not impersonate others or create multiple accounts.
  4. Report any violations or concerns to the moderators.


  1. Follow the instructions of the moderators.
  2. Accept decisions made by moderators regarding content or behavior.
  3. Do not argue with or harass moderators.


  1. Violations of the rules may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent banning.
  2. The severity of consequences will depend on the nature and frequency of the violation.

Remember, these rules are subject to change, and moderators have the final authority in enforcing them. Stay respectful and enjoy your time here!